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Description of Unique Controls

Unique Controls NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to click system buttons such as back, home or recents.

Unique Controls - Change the way you use your device


This app provides 2 great features, they change the way you use your device as soon as you get used to them you will never want to live without them again.

The first one "Halo" is a little chat head that hovers over all your apps. Halo gives you quick access to your notifications (similar to facebook but for every app) by showing them in a beautiful and intuitive way. You can launch, dismiss and scroll trough all of them. if the notification is from a messenger such as WhatsApp, Hangouts Telegram or Facebook you can also reply to the person from whereever you are without opening the actual app.

The second feature is "Pie Controls". Pie controls gives you the power of gesture navigation in whatever app you are. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal a beautiful menu with your favorite actions.

Both of them are extremely customizable so that you can really make them your own.

So what are you waiting for, try it out and use android as it should be:)

Full Version Features

• Custom colors for Halo and Pie that you can make them look like you want.

• Ninja mode for Halo to hide the Bubble while you have no notifications.

• Pinned Apps for Halo to launch your favorite apps whenever you want from where

ever you are.

• Access to the notification manager which allows you to customize which

notifications should be shown in halo for example only messaging notifications,

no on going notifications, no low priority notifications. Also included is a

notification blacklist from where you can completely hide notifications from

specific apps.

• Access to the Pie manager to add custom buttons to your pie controls such as your favorite

apps, shortcuts, or system toggles like a Wifi toggle.

• Styling tweaks for Pie controls to customize it further.

• Application blacklist to completely disable Halo and/or Pie controls in selected apps and

automacigally let them reappear if you leave the blacklisted app.

And much much more. So what are you waiting for get the full version and

enjoy the full experience!!

Unique Controls NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to click system buttons and to detect the foreground app.


INTERNET: this is for Crashlytics only, which will automatically send me stack trace logs if the app crashes. No other information is being sent.

VIBRATE: To providehaptic feedback.

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: To draw halo and pie controls over other apps.

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To show you the wifi state in pie controls

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To show you your network connection in pie controls

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To automagically start the halo and pie controls goodness after reboot

BILLING: To provide in app purchases

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To toggle wifi

CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: To toggle wifi

BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: To toggle bluetooth

BLUETOOTH: To toggle bluetooth

PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: To switch to the last app with pie controls


BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: To read notifications and show them in halo

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APK Version 2.2.3
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